Friday, December 25, 2015

See A White Horse (1963)

See A White Horse
Miska Miles, il. Wesley Dennis
1963, Little, Brown and Company

The dog looked like a good farm dog, the kind that could single out a pony from the range, or bring in the cows without flustering them.  Henry felt a lump in his throat, for this dog reminded him of Old Tuck.

Henry Marshall is mourning his dog when a stranger on a white horse comes riding along, accompanied by a brown dog.  Henry’s attracted to the dog, but still not sure. The stranger, on his way East, sells the pony to a neighbor and the dog is left behind.

This is a brief, surprising book which I liked more than I’d expected.  The title and the presence of Wesley Dennis, an illustrator best known for horse stories, led me to believe it was a horse story.  Turns out, it’s a dog story and one with enormous appeal.  Henry and the dog, unnamed until the last page, are clearly a match, but Henry’s not quite ready when he first has the chance to acquire the dog.  It’s rare now to see this – the recent emphasis on rescue and saving dogs means there’s less attention given to whether a person is ready to take on another dog. 

About Miska Miles (1899-)
Patricia Miles Martin also wrote as Jerry Lane and Patricia A. Miles.

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