Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ruth and Latrobe Carroll, il. Ruth Carroll
1943, Henry Z. Walck, Inc.

There wasn't anybody in his family for him to play with. His brother and sister were older than he was. They had left home to earn their living.

A playful little puppy is sent to school to learn what work he's meant to do, and samples a range of careers owing to his mixed ancestry.

A nicely done picture book with an amusing dog's-eye view of the world. Various dogs have different jobs, from Scuffles's brother working on a fishing boat to his mother caring for a little old lady, and all subscribe to the theory put forward by Dr. Noseworthy, the elderly St. Bernard who runs the school: "the happy dogs are the busy dogs." When Scuffles washes out of herding and running classes, he ends up in pet class, where puppies are taught games to play with their owners, and tactics for training their owners.

If your master forgets to give you water, pick up the water bowl in your mouth and carry it to him. He will understand. If he forgets to take you for a walk, go get your leash and show it to him. If he doesn't go out with you even then, talk to him. Speak right up. Be polite, but firm.

I believe my dog attended this class.

Scuffles - puppy
Dr. Noseworthy - old St. Bernard
Professor Scentry - Rough Collie
Professor Swift - Greyhound
Professor Paw-Spring - Poodle
Miss Curl - Cocker Spaniel

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