Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ruth and Latrobe Carroll, authors and illustrators
1951, Henry Z. Walck, Inc.

Once there was a pet store in a very big city where a man sold very little dogs.

A city family buys a tiny dog, one small enough to live in a geranium, to fit their lives. But when they move to the country and acquire a large dog, poor little Peanut is neglected and goes in search of new friends.

Out in the wide, wide fields, he felt very small and alone. He whimpered to himself, "Now cats and foxes are hunting for breakfast and maybe I'm breakfast."

Sweet illustrations and a simple story. The plot - the little boy forgets all about Peanut when he has a big dog - is a bit sad and ignoble, and the tiny dog's adventures are a bit scary for a little kid.

Scuffles - male tiny brown and white dog, like a dollhouse spaniel
Jupiter - male harlequin Great Dane

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